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The P.E.I. Cattle Producers (PEICP) has been the official voice for beef producers throughout Prince Edward Island for more than 40 years. The PEICP was originally formed in 1976 as the "PEI Cattlemen's Association", and is proud to continue to represent the interests of more than 400 members, provincially, regionally and nationally. 

our mission & Goals

The mission of the Prince Edward Island Cattle Producers Association (PEICPA) is to promote and advance the interests of cattle producers on the island. The association aims to provide leadership and support to the beef industry through education, advocacy, marketing, and research. The PEICPA strives to improve the profitability and sustainability of the beef industry by enhancing the competitiveness of its members and working towards a shared vision for the future. The association also aims to foster positive relationships among its members, other industry stakeholders, and the wider community. Overall, the mission of the PEICPA is to be a strong and effective voice for the beef industry on Prince Edward Island.

As Island Beef Producers, our success is built on responsible and sustainable farming practices and will be continued by our sons and daughters. Here at the PEI Cattle Producers, we collaborate with all Maritime Producers and partners throughout the value chain.

Our Main Objectives:

Achieving sustainable incomes for Maritime Beef Producers and Partners
Securing stable processing partners and market options
Becoming focused and responsive to our customers and consumers
Building mutual respect and improving relationships in our communities
Attracting young and new farmers to our industry

The PEICP represents PEI's beef producers nationally through membership in the Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) and regionally through the Maritime Beef Council (MBC). more...

The CCA is the national "voice" of Canada's 83,000 beef producers, the Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) structure represents every phase of the production system; the purebred, cow/calf, backgrounding, and feedlot sectors. The CCA was founded by producers and is led by a producer-elected board of directors from across Canada. It works with other sectors of the agriculture and food industries on matters of mutual concern.

The PEICP also represents its members regionally on the Maritime Beef Council. This organization is made up of the beef cattle organizations of the three Maritime Provinces. Its main objective is to work collaboratively on issues that affect beef producers across the region.

Our Board

The business of the PEICP is handled by a six-member Board of Directors, an Ex-Officio representative from the board of Dairy Farmers of PEI and a full time Executive Director. The board consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary-Treasurer and three additional directors Members of the Board are elected annually from its members. Six producers, one from each of the three counties, and three at large, make up the Board. Each Director is elected for a three year term, renewable for a second term.

PEICP Board of Directors

Dennis Hogan, Chairman 

Cow/Calf & Feedlot

At Large Director

Dennis Hogan and his family preside over a magnificent Certified Island Beef farm with commanding views of the Northumberland Strait. Steering the enterprise, Dennis oversees both cow/calf and feedlot operations, managing a herd of 200 head.

Complementing their livestock endeavors, Dennis cultivates barley, forages, and corn on the farm to sustainably feed their cattle. Additionally, they engage in soybean cultivation as a cash crop, enhancing the farm's economic resilience.

Beyond his agricultural commitments, Dennis is a dedicated family man, happily married to his wife Nicole with two teenage daughters Hannah and Sophia. In his community leadership roles, Dennis serves as the Chairman for the PEI Cattle Producers board and the Farm Practices Review Board  advocating for the interests of local beef producers. Furthermore, he represents the PEICP by sitting on the PEI Agriculture Sector Council and the Maritime Beef Council boards, contributing valuable insights and expertise to industry-wide initiatives. Additionally, Dennis finds seasonal employment with the Provincial Government, further enriching his contributions to the community and agriculture sector. Through his multifaceted roles, Dennis exemplifies a steadfast commitment to the advancement and sustainability of Island beef farming.

Nick Green , Vice Chairman 

Cow / Calf
Queens County Director

In 2015, Nick embarked on a transformative journey, breathing new life into his family's cherished third-generation farm nestled in Kingston, PE. Today, under his stewardship, the farm has blossomed into a thriving 40-head cow-calf operation, marked by steady growth and expansion.

Nick's commitment to sustainable agriculture is evident in his diverse approach to farming. While his primary focus remains on marketing feeder calves and offering pasture-raised, free-range freezer beef, he also oversees the care and management of chickens, turkeys, and swine. Continuously seeking innovative methods to optimize efficiency, Nick tirelessly works to minimize inputs and labor while maximizing the production of high-quality, weaned beef.

Dedicated to the well-being of his livestock and the land they graze on, Nick adopts progressive grazing techniques year-round. From rotational grazing to corn grazing and stockpiling living forage, he explores unconventional feeding methods to enhance both productivity and sustainability. Not content with conventional practices alone, Nick actively participates in cover crop grazing trials with potato farmers, collaborating to assess the positive impact of cattle on soil health through rotational and mob grazing techniques. These efforts are complemented by meticulous soil biology assessments, facilitated by direct manure application from the cattle and supported by ongoing soil testing and yield comparisons conducted in partnership with the PEI Potato Board.

Nick's lends his expertise to numerous boards, including the Maritime Beef Council and the Maritime Beef Test Station.

Tim Dixon, Secretary/Treasurer

Cow/Calf & Feedlot
Prince County Director

Tim's decision to become involved with the PEI Cattle Producers stemmed from his profound passion for the cattle industry and his desire to contribute to its advancement.


Recognizing the importance of collective action and collaborative leadership, Tim felt compelled to offer his expertise and insights to help shape the industry's future direction.

Outside of his agricultural pursuits, Tim finds joy in a variety of hobbies and interests. Whether it's immersing himself in all things agriculture, hitting the ice for a game of curling, or embarking on adventures through travel, Tim embraces life with enthusiasm and curiosity.


Tim, along side of his wife Sara and two children Ella and Declan are proud stewards of their family farm in North Tryon, where they continue a legacy that spans four generations. The farm, which recently celebrated its centennial milestone, stands as a testament to their commitment to preserving agricultural heritage and fostering its ongoing prosperity.

Kevin Simmons, Director

Cow/Calf & Feedlot

At large Director 

Kevin Simmons, along with his wife Susan, manages a thriving cow-calf and feedlot enterprise nestled in the picturesque community of Irishtown. Motivated by a deep-seated desire to contribute to the welfare of fellow producers and fortify the industry, Kevin actively engages in various programs and initiatives.

A passionate advocate for agriculture, Kevin channels his interests in camping, nurturing the next generation through 4-H, and exploring new destinations through traveling. Family holds a paramount place in his life, as evidenced by his cherished moments spent with his two grown daughters and six adored grandchildren.

Kevin's commitment extends beyond his farm gates; he plays an integral role in several industry organizations. He lends his expertise to the CIB and VPB+ program, facilitating advancements within the agricultural community. Moreover, Kevin represents the PEI Cattle Producers as a dedicated member of the Maritime Beef Council Board, where he actively shapes the future of the region's beef industry. Additionally, he serves as the PEI representative on the esteemed CCA board, further solidifying his influence in agricultural policymaking and advocacy.

Greg Stavert, Director

Feedlot & Potatos

At Large Director 

Greg Stavert, a fifth-generation farmer hailing from Freetown, P.E.I., is deeply entrenched in the agricultural landscape. At Stavert Farms Limited, Greg partners with his father and uncle in the cultivation of seed potatoes destined for local and domestic markets. Additionally, their operations include the nurturing of 175 natural Angus cattle and the management of a flock of free-run laying hens, showcasing their diverse agricultural endeavors.

Greg's commitment to community engagement and market accessibility is evident through his involvement on the board of the Summerside Farmers Market. Here, he showcases and sells a variety of products, including eggs, meat chickens, and turkeys, fostering direct connections between producers and consumers.

Beyond his local endeavors, Greg assumes a leadership role as the chairman of the Prince Edward Island Agriculture Sector Council, where he works collaboratively to address industry challenges and foster sustainable growth.

Gary Hughes, Dairy Farmers of PEI Representative

Dairy Farmers of PEI 
Ex Officio

Gary is a staunch advocate for equality and inclusivity within the dairy industry, championing farms of all sizes and levels of experience. He firmly believes in nurturing the next generation of farmers, recognizing the importance of youth involvement in securing the industry's future. Actively engaged in 4-H and his local community, Gary is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for aspiring agriculturalists.

Gary and his wife, Kelly, proudly represent the first generation of farmers in their family, hailing from Kelly’s Cross. Their commitment to farming is evident in the active involvement of all their children—Matt, Grace, Jamie, and Katie—in various aspects of farm life.

In line with his dedication to diversification and forward-thinking, Gary is exploring the addition of a small purebred herd of beef cattle to complement their existing dairy operations, signaling an eye towards retirement planning and farm sustainability.

In his capacity as treasurer for Dairy Farmers of PEI, Gary plays a crucial role in financial management and decision-making within the organization. Additionally, he lends his expertise to the PEI Cattle Producers and the PEI Federation of Agriculture boards, representing the dairy sector's interests and contributing to broader agricultural initiatives on the island. Gary's multifaceted involvement underscores his commitment to advancing the dairy industry and supporting the agricultural community as a whole.

Ivan Johnson, Past Chairman

Ivan Johnson, a fourth-generation farmer, oversees a thriving cow/calf herd in Belmont Lot 16, specializing in Simmental/Red Angus crossbreeds. He operates with a keen eye for quality, ensuring his feeders are sold at 750 weights to a feedlot for finishing. Ivan's dedication to agriculture extends beyond his farm; he serves as a pivotal figure on the PEICP Board, where he previously held the position of Chairperson.

For Ivan, farming isn't just a livelihood; it's a deeply ingrained passion. He often reflects, "It’s a way of life and it’s in my blood. You have to want to farm, and you have to love to farm to stay in it."

Furthermore, Ivan's commitment to the beef industry is evident through his active involvement on the CCIA Board, where he represents the maritime region. Within this role, Ivan not only sits on the executive committee but also chairs the Communications Committee. His enthusiasm for the beef industry extends to national platforms, where he tirelessly promotes the sector, leveraging his expertise both as a farmer and as a respected industry leader.

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